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Nathan Bedford Forrest Escort Flag
Nathan Bedford Forrest Escort Flag

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Details: This was the flag used by General Nathan Bedford Forrest's escort. Forrest was a pioneer of modern military tactics and considered one of the best generals of the 19th Century. His tactics are still studied today at military academies around the world.

His escort was an elite combat unit itself. You had to pass an extremely difficult marksmanship test to join. Members had to hit at a target with a revolver while galloping on a horse.

His escort, consisting of himself and around 70 people would often charged into enemy lines so fast that the rest of the command would fall over one hundred yards behind. The escort would decimate the enemy and clear a map for the rest of the troops. All members of the escort would be armed with state of the art revolvers. Many also had huge swords, known as "wrist breakers" because they were so heavy.

Forrest's initial commission was as a colonel of a 600 man Calvary regiment. Forrest went to Pennsylvania and spent his own person fortune buying the most state of the art military equipment for his regiment.

Forrest became so good at training cavalry troopers that the Confederate government repeatedly took his command away and ordered him to start over with new troops. They wanted more troopers with the same training. At the end of the war, Forrest was still winning huge victories despite being vastly outnumbered.

Forrest's Calvary was seen as an elite combat unit in war where most Calvary on both sides was mocked and looked down on.

The Union army finally dispatched 100,000 troops just to reign in Forrest and his remaining command of less than 5,000 personnel.

Forrest was a celebrity in both the north and the south after the war. He became one of the most well liked and respected generals on both sides of the war. He captured multitudes of Union soldiers, but his gracious treatment of POWs caused him to be admired in the north.

Polyester flag with white header and two grommets. Most flags have four rows of stitches on the fly and two rows on the top, bottom, and header side. Image is screen printed and appears on both sides.

3'x5' flags are 3ft x 5ft, 36in. by 60in, 91cm by 152cm, 1yard by 1.7yard. This is the most common size flag you see hanging on porches, small flag poles, hanging at festivals, and inside of bars and restaurants.

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