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Catalan Independence - 2\'x3\'
Catalan Independence - 2'x3'

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Details: 2'x3' polyester flag with a white header and two grommets. The image is screen printed and appears on both sides.

This is the Catalan Secession flag known as the Estelada Blava. The idea comes from flags of Cuba and Puerto Rico because both flags were originally used to show opposition to Spanish rule.

On 9 November 2015, the Parliament of Catalonia adopted the Declaration of the Initiation of the Process of Independence of Catalonia.

Catalonia has a public referendum on Independence scheduled for October 1st, 2017. The Spanish Federal government has already declared the referendum illegal and threatened mass arrests of secessionist politicians.

3'x5' flags are 3ft x 5ft, 36in. by 60in, 91cm by 152cm, 1yard by 1.7yard. This is the most common size flag you see hanging on porches, small flag poles, hanging at festivals, and inside of bars and restaurants.

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