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Details: 3'x5' polyester flag with white header and two grommets. Most flags have four rows of stitches on the fly and two rows on the top, bottom, and header side. Image is screen printed and appears on both sides.

National flag of Romania. This flag was first used as the flag of Wallachia (modern day southern Romania) in 1838. The colors were first adopted during the Wallachian Uprising of 1821 against the Ottoman Turks.

In 1848, Wallachia adopted the flag with the words "Fraternity and Justice" across the middle.

In 1859, Wallachia and Moldova became the United Principalities of Wallachia and Moldova and changed the flag to a horizontal tri-color without the writing.

In 1867 the vertical tri-color was re-adopted. The Communists changed the flag from 1948-1989. The flag was changed back to the plain vertical tri-color in 1989.

3'x5' flags are 3ft x 5ft, 36in. by 60in, 91cm by 152cm, 1yard by 1.7yard. This is the most common size flag you see hanging on porches, small flag poles, hanging at festivals, and inside of bars and restaurants.

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