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Scotland - Sewn Cotton
Scotland - Sewn Cotton

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Details: Note: Previously sewn cotton Scottish flags used a dark navy blue. The manufacturer finally took our advice and made them with a much lighter royal blue.

3'x5' flag. All sewn and embroidered. 100% cotton. White header with two grommets. Four rows of stitching on the fly.

The cross of St. Andrew, the National flag of Scotland.

Originally used in 1180 as the seal of St. Andrew's Cathedral. The first use as a national emblem came in 1385 when the Scottish parliament added St. Andrew's Cross the Scottish military uniforms. Evolved into the National flag during the 15th century.

Scotland has a ballot referendum on whether to secede from the United Kingdom in 2014. So Scotland may soon be an independent nation.

3'x5' flags are 3ft x 5ft, 36in. by 60in, 91cm by 152cm, 1yard by 1.7yard. This is the most common size flag you see hanging on porches, small flag poles, hanging at festivals, and inside of bars and restaurants.

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