Many of our flags are advertised as 100D premium polyester. This is a more premium flag that what you will typically see for sale.


Most flags being sold in the USA are 68D. Sometimes also referred to as "Fly Breeze" and other terms. This is the lowest grade in terms of fabric. They typically weigh from 2.9 ounces to 3.3 ounces.


There are actually huge quality differences even among the 68D flags. Some are fine, others are not. Many factories keep lowering the quality of the flags they make, so they can continue selling flags for the same price they were charging twenty years ago. Some flags, such as many of the ones being sold on Ebay, are pretty notorious. You have horribly misshapen ones. Weird plastic header materials.Grommets that come with rust/corrosion all over them. Flags that are already bleeding dye over themselves when they arrive.


At Patriotic Flags, we sell better quality flags. These cost more to buy. They also weigh more to ship. However, it is worth it. We have discontinued many individual flags because we could no longer get ones that were of good quality. We reject flags with bad header materials, bad grommets, staples through the flags due to careless packaging, ect. You will find these all over Ebay, but not at Patriotic Flags.


The next fabric grade is 75D. These flags range from 3.6 ounces to 4.0 ounces. We have a lot of flags from European distributors that are very rare in the USA. Such as the French Regional flags and British County Flags. These are all 75D. Many of our US state flags and world flags are also 75D.


100D fabric is even more premium. They weigh between 4.4 ounces and 5.0 ounces. If a listing says 100D premium poly in the description, you will definitely be getting this grade. However, not all of our 100D flags are noted in the description. Some flags will be 100D fabric even if it does not say so in the description.


There is also 110D, which has a knitted look to it. These flags have an extra bulky feel.


We also have some 200D flags, which are even more premium and weigh between 6.3 ounces and 6.6 ounces.


We are also launching a brand new site that will sell 100D polyester flags exclusively.