Shipping Info - Updates

We are still shipping daily and we do not expect any disruption in outgoing orders.

However, some of our suppliers are in areas where they are not allowed to operate right now. Once they are allowed to resume operations, there will be further delays because carriers will be overwhelmed in those areas. Fortunately, we anticipated this and ordered an extra-large amount of stock earlier in March.

We will try to inventory control everything on the website. If it is available for sale on the website, we should have it in stock. However, you may see an increasing amount of "sold out" items.

We do not anticipate running out of printed American flags. There have been some questions about this. We always maintain a large stockpile of printed American flags. We stocked up on extra sewn American flags earlier in March, however, they could start running out before we can get more.

We ship USPS, for hassle-free delivery. You only pay actual shipping costs. You can view shipping costs at any time from the shopping cart, so there are no surprises.

We pay the sales tax for South Carolina residents.

Most orders are shipped within 24 hours.

We have a thirty day return policy on retail orders.